The CLARIN:EL infrastructure: Platform, Portal, K-Centre


  • Maria Gavriilidou ILSP / Athena RC, Greece
  • Stelios Piperidis ILSP / Athena RC, Greece
  • Dimitrios Galanis ILSP / Athena RC, Greece
  • Kanella Pouli ILSP / Athena RC, Greece
  • Penny Labropoulou ILSP / Athena RC, Greece
  • Juli Bakagianni ILSP / Athena RC, Greece
  • Iro Tsiouli ILSP / Athena RC, Greece
  • Miltos Deligiannis ILSP / Athena RC, Greece
  • Athanasia Kolovou ILSP / Athena RC, Greece
  • Dimitris Gkoumas ILSP / Athena RC, Greece
  • Leon Voukoutis ILSP / Athena RC, Greece
  • Katerina Gkirtzou ILSP / Athena RC, Greece



This paper presents the CLARIN:EL infrastructure, which comprises three pillars: the language resources and technologies Platform, the Portal and the Knowledge Centre. It serves as a com-prehensive and interoperable environment that supports language-related research in the fields of language technology, language studies, digital humanities, and political and social sciences. The Platform facilitates deposition, curation and sharing of digital language resources (catering for providers’ needs), and access to and automatic processing of these resources (catering for con-sumers’ needs). The Portal offers informative material about CLARIN:EL and support services to the community, including dissemination, awareness raising and training activities. The Knowledge Centre promotes digital literacy in the scientific domains served, by providing infor-mation on studies, educational and training material and publications. This paper discusses the CLARIN:EL pillars, the technical architecture, its design and implementation principles, the functionalities offered to the users, the support activities provided, usage analytics and future steps.