The SSH Open Marketplace and CLARIN


  • Alexander K¨onig CLARIN ERIC
  • Laure Barbot DARIAH-EU
  • Cristina Grisot CLARIN-CH, DARIAH-CH
  • Michael Kurzmeier Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities
  • Edward J. Gray DARIAH-EU, IR* Huma-Num



This paper showcases the SSH Open Marketplace, which is a discovery portal which pools and contextualises resources for Social Sciences and Humanities research communities, and its tight connections with the CLARIN infrastructure. The proposal presents how the SSH Open Marketplace can provide insights into the use of tools, methods and standards in the Social Sciences and Humanities communities in general, and for the CLARIN community in particular. The paper also describes how the SSH Open Marketplace can increase serendipity in the discovery of new methods and standards, by interlinking the resources and describing workflows. As contextualisation is provided between the items of the catalogue, it is easy to understand and assess the usefulness of a resource.