The TEI-based ISO Standard ‘Transcription of spoken language’as an Exchange Format within CLARIN and beyond


  • Hanna Hedeland
  • Thomas Schmidt



interoperability, ISO/TEI, transcription, spoken language, FAIR data


This paper describes the TEI-based ISO standard 24624:2016 ‘Transcription of spoken language’ and other formats used within CLARIN for spoken language resources. It assesses the current state of support for the standard and the interoperability between these formats and with relevant tools and services. The main idea behind the paper is that a digital infrastructure providing language resources and services to researchers should also allow the combined use of resources and/or services from different contexts. This requires syntactic and semantic interoperability.We propose a solution based on the ISO/TEI format and describe the necessary steps for this format to work as an exchange format with basic semantic interoperability for spoken language resources across the CLARIN infrastructure and beyond.