EU Data Governance Act: Outlining a Potential Role for CLARIN


  • Paweł Kamocki
  • Krister Linden
  • Andrius Puksas
  • Aleksei Kelli



Copyright, Public sector information, Data altruism, Data Innovation Board, Data Governance Act, European Strategy for Data


The Data Governance Act was proposed in late 2020 as part of the European Strategy for Data, and adopted on 30 May 2022 (as Regulation 2022/868). It will enter into application on 24 September 2023. The Data governance Act is a major development in the legal framework affecting CLARIN and the whole language community. With its new rules on the re-use of data held by the public sector bodies and on the provision of data sharing services, and especially its encouragement of data altruism, the Data Governance Act creates new opportunities and new challenges for CLARIN ERIC. This paper analyses the provisions of the Data Governance Act, and aims at initiating the debate on how they will impact CLARIN and the whole language community.