New Ciphers and Cryptanalysis Components in CrypTool 2


  • Nils Kopal
  • Bernhard Esslinger



software, cryptography cryptanalysis, solving historical ciphers, e-learning, teaching


In this paper, we discuss new additions (components) for cryptography and cryptanalysis added to the CrypTool 2 (CT2) software over the course of the last two years. We mainly focus on components for classical and historical ciphers, but also keep an eye on other updates of CT2, e.g. the CrypConsole, which allows the users to execute CT2 workspaces in the Windows command prompt. The Chaocipher as well as Josse’s cipher were added to CT2. The Symbol Cipher component already allows the user to create musical ciphers. We implemented a new Playfair Analyzer as well as a Josse Cipher Analyzer. The Enigma Analyzer component has been rewritten completely and now features six different computerized attacks on Enigma. Two historical ciphers were successfully deciphered with the help of CT2: five ciphertexts from and to the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II as well as the Ramanacoil transcript. Both ciphers from the 16th and 17th century were analyzed and deciphered using the Homophonic Substitution Analyzer component as well as the substitution component. Finally, we take a brief look at how CT2 is used for teaching and e-learning cryptology.