eFMI: An open standard for physical models in embedded software


  • Oliver Lenord
  • Martin Otter
  • Christoff Bürger
  • Michael Hussmann
  • Pierre Le Bihan
  • Jörg Niere
  • Andreas Pfeiffer
  • Robert Reicherdt
  • Kai Werther




embedded software, model-based development, code generation, model exchange, Modelica, FMI, eFMI


This paper summarizes the final research results of the ITEA3 project EMPHYSIS (embedded systems with physical models in the production code software). Its core achievement is the new open eFMI Standard enabling new automated workflows from high level physical models to automotive compliant embedded software. eFMI (FMI for embedded systems) defines a container architecture for model exchange, testing and automatic model transformations. Multiple representations from a high-level intermediate representation of sampled algorithms (GALEC) to production and binary code for specific embedded targets are maintained in a traceable workspace. The successful integration of the developed eFMI tooling is demonstrated by a comprehensive open source Modelica test cases library and industrial demonstrators. The readiness of the proposed approach is proven by compliance checks according to common automotive code quality standards (MISRA) and a performance benchmark in terms of runtime and resource demand in comparison with state of the art hand coded solutions.