Power Flow Record Structures to Initialize OpenIPSL Phasor Time-Domain Simulations with Python


  • Sergio A. Dorado-Rojas
  • Giuseppe Laera
  • Marcelo de Castro Fernandes
  • Tetiana Bogodorova
  • Luigi Vanfretti




GridCal, OpenIPSL, Power Flow, Python, Records


This paper presents a tool to populate power flow results for phasor time-domain simulations with the Open Instance Power System Library (OpenIPSL). Our proposal takes advantage of the object-oriented philosophy of Modelica and introduces a data structure based on records to handle power flow data for a given network model. Such records constitute a user-friendly interface to change the guess values used to solve the initial condition of a dynamical simulation straightforwardly. Power flow calculations are carried out by the open-source Python library GridCal. We demonstrate the tool capabilities by generating power flow results for several grid models and comparing them with those obtained via proprietary tools such as PSS/E. Moreover, we provide tutorial materials to ease integrating the tool for a new/experienced OpenIPSL user.