A Modelica Library for Modelling of Electrified Powertrain Digital Twins


  • Nikolaos Fotias
  • Ran Bao
  • Hui Niu
  • Michael Tiller
  • Paul McGahan
  • Adam Ingleby




Modelica, Digital Twins, Electrified Powertrain


In this paper, a Modelica library of electrified powertrain components is presented and its applications discussed. This library is used to construct digital twins of electrified powertrains during product development. These digital twins provide value by reducing time and cost by up to 30% compared to state-of-the-art approaches. Once products are in-service these same digital twins provide value by improving condition monitoring (state-of-health) by up to 10%. The library includes a multi-fidelity and multi-scale battery and power electronics sub-library, an Electrical Drive Unit (EDU) sub-library modelling different types of electrical machines, and an electrified propulsion system sub-library of template models that leverage the battery, power electronics and EDU components found in the other sub-libraries. Finally, an example of applying the proposed library to electrified vehicle development is presented.