Continuous Development and Management of Credible Modelica Models


  • Leo Gall
  • Martin Otter
  • Matthias Reiner
  • Matthias Schäfer
  • Jakub Tobolar



credible model, model requirement, data management, validation, verification, Modelica model


Modeling and simulation is more and more used in the design process in a wide area of applications. Rising demands and the complexity of modern products also increases the need for models and tools capable to cover areas such as virtual testing, design-space exploration or digital twins, and to provide measures of the quality of the models and the achieved results. In this article, we try to summarize the state-of-the-art and best-practice from the viewpoint of a Modelica language user, based on the experience gained in projects in which Modelica models have been utilized in the design process. Furthermore, missing features and gaps in the used processes are identified.