Python Framework for Wind Turbines Enabling Test Automation of MoWiT


  • Johannes Fricke
  • Marcus Wiens
  • Niklas Requate
  • Mareike Leimeister



Modelica, MoWiT, Python, Wind Turbines, Test Automation


The development and simulation of engineering systems, especially wind turbines, is becoming increasingly complex and elaborate. At the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems (IWES), the in-house developed tool MoWiT (Modelica library for Wind Turbines) is being developed for load simulation. MoWiT is based on Modelica and is constantly evolving. It is, thus, also becoming more and more enhanced. This results in an increased need for automation for the complex simulation setups and a need for quality assurance of simulation code used. Test automation is used to always ensure the quality of the code. The automation of various simulations and the test automation for the load simulation code are provided by PyWiT (Python Framework for Wind Turbines), which will be presented here in more detail.