Energy-based Method to Simplify Complex Multi-Energy Modelica Models


  • Joy El Feghali
  • Guillaume Sandou
  • Hervé Guéguen
  • Pierre Haessig
  • Damien Faille



energy-based ranking, model reduction, multi-energy systems, Modelica


Energy production and consumption systems increasingly require more flexibility. The design of new control solutions can be a step, among others, towards flexibility. However, these control solutions often rely on the use of complex models, which are difficult to both manipulate and simulate. This paper presents a solution to reduce the complexity of multi-energy models modeled with Modelica language. This complexity-reducing solution is based on simplifying the model's components that contribute less to the total energy using an energy-based ranking technique. The solution is successfully applied to a complex city district model. A property of the Modelica language further allows replacing low-ranked components without being compelled to fully redesign the model. Criteria verifying the multi-energy reduced model's precision, while respecting physical constraints, are also introduced.