Long Term Technical and Economic Evaluation of Hydrogen Storage Technologies for Energy Autarkic Residential Complexes


  • Lucas Schindhelm
  • Ales Vojacek
  • Johannes Brunnemann




energy autarky, costs, long term, hydrogen storage, control logic, TransiEnt, linear optimisation


We present an assessment of different types of hydrogen storages used as long term energy buffers for a local community complex of households in terms of economics and energy autarky. The models used in this study are partly based on the TransiEnt Modelica Library, which is being developed for the dynamic simulation of coupled energy supply systems with high shares of renewable energies. It turns out that dynamic simulations are mandatory in order to optimise the system parameters. Starting from a best case evaluation of a one year linear optimisation we develop a forecast based control logic of the whole energy system, including its physicalities. Based on our results, a storage consisting of pressurized gas bottles has proven to be the most favourite solution in terms of price and level of autarky. A liquid organic hydrogen carrier might be a competitive alternative for larger urban districts.