An Approach for Reducing Gas Turbines Usage by Wind Power and Energy Storage


  • Nejm Saadallah
  • Yngve Heggelund



power systems, modelica, oil platform electrification


Offshore oil and gas platforms can accelerate their shift towards lower greenhouse gases emissions by combining wind power generation and energy storage systems. However, the variability of the wind resources and power demand, and the limited storage capacity make the design of the system particularly challenging. We present a modelica library at its early stage of the development and yet with promising results. The model will be used to simulate the dynamic of the whole system for a long period of time using simplified power components and balanced micro grid. This paper shares some preliminary results by applying the model on a data set of wind resources and power demand from the North Sea. The results are the power system dynamics and an approximation of the mass of greenhouse gas emissions. On the long term the model will be applied to determine the right control and optimization strategy to control the energy system towards lower greenhouse gas emissions without compromising the balance between the power supply and demand.