Modeling of Recompression Brayton Cycle And CSP Plant Architectures for Estimation of Performance & Efficiency


  • Ashok Kumar Ravi
  • Stephane Velut
  • Raja Vignesh Srinivasan



CSP, Molten salt, Brayton cycle


As world is moving towards renewable energy sources for sustainable energy, Concentrated solar power systems with thermal energy storage present significant opportunities for generating electricity. This paper describes an effort to develop an analytic platform for Brayton cycle and connect it to Central receiver CSP system to form a complete system. Already analytical model for Central receiver CSP system with Rankine cycle was developed and available with us (Edman, 2015; Windahl, 2015). This paper describes the development of a Supercritical CO2 recompression Brayton cycle based on the information available in literature [Dennis, 2017]. Effect of change in turbine inlet temperature on the performance and efficiency of Brayton cycle are shown. Integration of Brayton cycle with CSP system is done and the solar power requirement based on turbine inlet temperatures is studied.