Optimizing life-cycle costs for pumps and powertrains using FMI co-simulation


  • Miro Eklund
  • Jouni Savolainen
  • Antti Lukkari
  • Tommi Karhela




co-simulation, functional mock-up interface, apros, virtual drive, optimization


This paper describes a collaborative digital twin approach for equipment dimensioning and selection in industrial process plants. Dynamic process simulator (Apros) was used to model the process and its automation, including pumps, while a product specific dynamic simulator (Virtual Drive) was used to model the motor and frequency converter. This approach allows all stakeholders to design and dimension the process equipment together in a holistic and energy optimal way. Simulation can be used to reach an optimal equipment solution that prevents overdimensioning, leading to up-front and total life-cycle cost savings. Co-simulation was made possible by implementing a prototype Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) for both Apros 6 and Virtual Drive, allowing Apros to import Virtual Drive as a Functional Mock-up Unit (FMU). This paper shows how the FMI solution can be used for finding energy optimal selections for pumps and related powertrain products.