Multirotor drone sizing and trajectory optimization within Modelon Impact


  • Clément Coïc Modelon, Germany
  • Marc Budinger Institut Clément Ader (ICA), Université de Toulouse, CNRS-INSAISAE- Mines Albi-UPS, Toulouse, France
  • Scott Delbecq ISAE-SUPAERO, Université de Toulouse, France



Multirotor, Drone, Dynamic optimization, Trajectory optimization, Sizing, Modelon Impact, Optimica


The design of multirotor drones often relies on optimizing its performance in terms of maximum speed requirements and hover time. This is well suited to undefined tasks. In the case of repetitive tasks, the drone trajectory can be added as a third degree of freedom. This paper focuses on the use of Modelon Impact and its dynamic optimization capabilities to reach a multirotor drone design and 1-D trajectory optimization. In comparison to other options investigated by the authors in a separate publication, Modelon Impact based optimization proved to be much simpler, more robust, and faster – for this use case.