MoPyRegtest: A Python package for continuous integration-friendly regression testing of Modelica libraries


  • Philipp Emanuel Stelzig



Modelica, regression testing, Python, open source, continuous integration


Regression testing is a commonly used strategy in continuous integration workflows to ensure reproduceability of outputs. It is widely in software engineering and model development, including Modelica. In this article we introduce the open source regression testing framework MoPyRegtest written in Python. Its primary focus is to provide Modelica library developers with a simple regression testing tool that features test automation and can integration with continuous integration toolchains, in particular for open source developments. In order to simulate the Modelica models for testing analysis, we provide an interface to Modelica simulation tools that support Modelica Scripting with .mos files. Our current implementation works with OpenModelica. We outline the design and functionality of MoPyRegtest and showcase its potential usefulness for open source development of Modelica models and libraries.