A Graph-Based Meta-Data Model for DevOps: Extensions to SSP and SysML2 and a Review on the DCP standard


  • Stefan H. Reiterer
  • Clemens Schiffer
  • Mario Schwaiger




Continuous Integration, DevOps, MBSE, NoSQL Graph Data Bases, DCP, SysML, UML, SSP


Computer simulation has become a vital tool for modeling complex systems. However, the development and deployment of simulation models often involve multiple stages, tools, and teams, which can lead to significant challenges in maintaining quality, reliability, and efficiency. DevOps, a set of practices that combines software development and IT operations, has emerged as a promising approach to streamline the simulation development. However, most system engineers are not DevOps specialists and there are a lot of manual steps involved when writing build pipelines and configurations of simulations. For this purpose, an abstract graph-based meta-data model was presented in previous work to provide an automation framework for DevOps with simulations. In this work we want to continue our investigations by expanding and harmonizing this approach to better work with established standards like SSP, SysML2 and DCP and demonstrating it's application on real-life use cases.