ThermalSystemsControlLibrary: A Modelica Library for Developing Control Strategies of Industrial Energy Systems


  • Fabian Borst
  • Michael Georg Frank
  • Lukas Theisinger
  • Matthias Weigold



supervisory control, HVAC, dynamic simulation


The transformation of energy-intensive industries towards greenhouse gas neutrality leads to increasing complexity of industrial energy supply systems. This affects particularly thermal energy systems due to waste heat utilization measures as well as the integration of renewable energy sources and further storage capacities. This complexity is also reflected in the control strategies of such systems, which makes the development of dynamic simulation models for testing them a research field of growing interest. The ThermalSystemsControlLibrary is a novel Modelica library, which aims at standardized modeling of industrial energy supply systems for control strategy development. Based on a generic data model, all components cover physical as well as control modeling and are particularly suitable for testing supervisory control strategies within external frameworks using the FMI standard. The library is validated for an exemplary use case of an industrial energy supply system comparing two different supervisory control strategies.