Modeling and Simulation of the Hydrogen Value Chain with ThermoSysPro and Modelica


  • Sebastian Vallejo Jimenez
  • Luis Corona Mesa-Moles
  • Damien Faille
  • Dina Irofti



Modelica, ThermoSysPro, Hydrogen, Real gas, Equation Of State


Hydrogen will play a key role in the global energy transition if we are able to produce it with low-carbon emissions. However, clean hydrogen production today is mostly limited to demonstration projects ranging from 2 up to 20 MW. Modeling the way low-carbon hydrogen is produced, stored and used will allow us to significantly improve our understanding of how clean hydrogen could be produced and thus increase the production efficiency. In this paper, we show that the newest version of ThermoSysPro (TSP), an open-source Modelica library for modeling energy systems, provides a suitable framework to model and simulate the hydrogen production, storage and consumption. The model presented in this paper contains three electrolyzers, a storage station and a vehicle station. We present how the model was built, which components were adapted and how, and show that its simulation can be useful in the design phase, as well as for diagnosis purposes.