Exploiting Modelica and the OpenIPSL for University Campus Microgrid Model Development


  • Fernando Fachini
  • Srijita Bhattacharjee
  • Miguel Aguilera
  • Luigi Vanfretti
  • Giuseppe Laera
  • Tetiana Bogodorova
  • Ardeshir Moftakhari
  • Michael Huylo
  • Atila Novoselac




microgrid, modelica, openipsl, record structures, replaceable templates


The need for modeling different aspects of microgrid design and operation has seen the development of various tools over time for different analysis purposes. In this study, Modelica has been adopted as the language of choice to construct a University Campus Microgrid model, utilizing the Modelica Standard Library and the OpenIPSL library. This paper explores the advantages of utilizing Modelica for campus microgrid modeling, emphasizing its benefits and unique features. Modelica features, such as the use of record structures and replaceable templates prove to be particularly advantageous for the modeling task, enabling flexibility and efficiency in the modeling process. Furthermore, comprehensive validation tests are conducted to ensure the accuracy and reliability of sub-systems (e.g. specific power generator systems), before assembling the microgrid network model as a whole. The results demonstrate the efficacy of Modelica in accurately modeling and simulating microgrids, highlighting its potential for advancing microgrid research and development.