Application of the OpenModelica-Matlab Interface to Integrated Simulation and Successive Linearization Based Model Predictive Control


  • Mohammad Hadi Alizadeh
  • Ali M. Sahlodin
  • Arunkumar Palanisamy
  • Francesco Casella
  • Peter Fritzson



Model predictive control, OpenModelica, OMMatlab, Extended Kalman filter


This paper presents the implementation of successive linearization based model predictive control (SLMPC) efforts through the interfacing of OpenModelica and Matlab using the OMMatlab tool. The dynamic system (here a chemical process) and the model predictive control (MPC) algorithm are implemented in OpenModelica and Matlab, respectively. The model linearization procedure is carried out through OMMatlab, which is highly optimized in terms of run-time by using a single executable file and adapting it at each sample time. Also, necessary theories for a continuous model discretization are discussed for both nonlinear Modelica and linearized continuous models. A procedure for constructing an Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) from a continuous Modelica model is also presented. The usability of the OpenModelica-Matlab interface for SLMPC is demonstrated by control of liquid levels in a tanks-in-series problem.