Dynamic Modeling and Experimental Validation of Dishwasher with Heat Pump System


  • Erdoğan Mert Şeren
  • Mutlu İpek




Modeling of Heat Pump System, Dishwasher with Heat Pump, Algorithm, Validation, Dynamic Model


Integration of heat pump systems with conventional dishwashers or household water heaters using electric heaters offers a promising solution to significantly reduce expected energy consumption. In this study, a comprehensive approach was undertaken to develop sub-models for each component of the heat pump dishwasher. These sub-models were subsequently integrated to form a complete cycle model of the heat pump dishwasher. The specific components modeled included the compressor, evaporator, condenser, and capillary tube. Furthermore, an algorithm was devised to ensure the proper functioning of all the individual models, in accordance with the operational principles of the dishwasher. To validate the model, the temperature variation within the dishwasher during the heating and cooling phases was compared against experimental data. The maximum deviation observed in the cabinet temperature of the dishwasher was found to be 1 °C, with a corresponding deviation of 0.5 minutes in the cycle duration. Moreover, the maximum deviation in power consumption amounted to 2.4%, while a maximum deviation of 2.9% was noted in energy consumption. The results obtained from the model closely aligned with the experimental outcomes, thereby confirming its accuracy and reliability.