Beyond FMI - Towards New Applications with Layered Standards


  • Christian Bertsch
  • Markus Süvern
  • Torsten Sommer
  • Klaus Schuch
  • Kevin Reim
  • Pierre R.
  • Benedikt Menne
  • Andreas Junghanns
  • Torsten Blochwitz
  • Matthias Blesken
  • Patrick Täuber



FMI, layered standards, XCP, network communication, regular maps


The FMI standard - just like any other standard - faces the challenge of balancing generality with enabling specific use cases. Including every domain or use-case specific extension in the core standard would significantly increase its length, making it unreadable and unimplementable. To allow for extensions of the core standard for specific use cases, the Modelica Association developed the concept of layered standards, first in the SSP standard and later in FMI. This paper presents the concept of layered standards and describes the layered standards currently under development by the FMI Project: XCP support of FMUs, network communication, and structured variables and regular maps in FMI 3.0.