Design ideas behind Bioprocess Library for Modelica


  • Jan Peter Axelsson



Bioprocess, media, reactions, formal type parameters, packages, components, equations


In this paper I describe key design ideas behind the Bioprocess Library. The library facilitates modelling and simulation of bioprocesses mainly for the pharmaceutical industry. It borrows some structures from MSL Fluid and Media but differs in central design choices and is much simpler. A typical application consists of both configuration of standard components from the library and tailor-made Modelica code defining the application dependent medium and bioprocess reactions. The guiding idea is that configuration of components works well for defining the setup of process equipment for a production line, while more flexibility is needed for modelling bioprocess reactions and therefore equations are used. Another central design idea is that components of equipment are centrally adapted to the medium used. One could say that the library is parameterised with the application media and reaction models. The focus of this paper is structural aspects of the library rather than the content.