Design proposal of a standardized Base Modelica language


  • Gerd Kurzbach
  • Oliver Lenord
  • Hans Olsson
  • Martin Sjölund
  • Henrik Tidefelt



Modelica Language, intermediate representation, equation-based language


This paper is presenting the design proposal of a simplified version of the Modelica language. Base Modelica is designed to serve as an intermediate representation enabling a clean separation of front-end and back-end matters when processing a Modelica model. Furthermore, is it intended as a basis to restructure the Modelica Language Specification considering two parts: the basic features and the advanced language constructs. After discussing the motivation, solution approach, and risks, the paper is highlighting a selection of design choices that have been made for the current pre-release version of the language. Code examples are given to illustrate and highlight various aspects of the language. Open issues, conclusions, and an outlook finalize the paper. By attracting more tool vendors and researchers to work with this intermediate representation the whole Modelica community is expected to benefit from new utilities to inspect, analyze, optimize and process equations-based models in general and Modelica models in particular.