MoCITempGen: Modelica Continuous Integration Template Generator


  • David Jansen
  • Fabian Wüllhorst
  • Sven Hinrichs
  • Dirk Müller



Continuous Integration, Testing


Modelica enables an object-oriented approach to model complex systems in product development and research, and, thus, the development of various model libraries. Library development requires collaborative development in a team of multiple developers. A typical challenge in collaborative development, especially in the area of open source, is to create models of uniform quality despite different levels of knowledge among developers. Techniques such as Continuous Integration (CI) from the field of software development, can help to solve these challenges. However, the adaptation of CI for the area of Modelica model development currently requires the manual creation of complex templates and a high degree of manual configuration. In this paper we present MoCITempGen, an open source tool for automated generation of CI structures for the widely used modeling language Modelica. The tool is succesfully applied on two Modelica libraries to demonstrate the functionality.