Modeling Components of a Turbine-Generator System for Sub-Synchronous Oscillation Studies with Modelica


  • Eric Segerstrom
  • Luigi Vanfretti
  • Chetan Mishra
  • Kevin D. Jones



OpenIPSL, power systems, turbine-generator, SHAF25, torsional shaft, GENDCO, subsynchronous resonance, subsynchronous oscillations, Modelica_LinearSystems2


In power systems, subsynchronous oscillations associated with the interaction between a mechanical rotor shaft and electrical system can lead to equipment damage if improperly mitigated. This paper describes the development of a scalable, multi-mass torsional shaft model and a synchronous machine model with DC offset torque components included using Modelica. When coupled, these models can be used to perform shaft torsional studies. Two methods of coupling the shaft with the rest of the turbine-generator system are devised and analyzed. A single-machine, infinite-bus test system using the torsional shaft model and generator model developed in this paper is proposed to observe the penetration of subsynchronous oscillations throughout an electrical system. The test system is then modified to model subsynchronous resonance leading to system instability. Analysis of the models described in this paper highlights the value of the Modelica_LinearSystems2 library in determining the torsional mode shapes and frequencies associated with a turbine-generator system model.