Integration of Heat Flow through Borders between Adjacent Zones in AixLib's Reduced-Order Model


  • Philip Groesdonk
  • David Jansen
  • Jacob Estevam Schmiedt
  • Bernhard Hoffschmidt



AixLib, TEASER, building simulation, archetype, BIM, BEM


For dynamically simulating the thermal behavior of a building, the reduced-order model (ROM) implemented in the Modelica IBPSA and AixLib libraries provides a time-efficient calculation method based on the standard VDI 6007-1. Additionally, the Python package TEASER features a possilibity to fill the model parameters with automatically generated typical and/or enriched building data. So far, both have not been capable of modelling heat flow through borders between thermal zones. In this contribution, we present the integration of this feature into the open-source software combination. Additional new features include non-constant soil temperatures and a new approach to estimate interior building elements in cases without proper knowledge. Calculation results are presented for an exemplary application and show satisfactory agreement with measured values. The respective code (including the example presented here) is in the process of being published as part of the AixLib and TEASER open-source repositiories.