5th Generation District Heating and Cooling Modelica Models for Prosumer Interaction Analysis


  • Orestis Angelidis
  • Daniel Zinsmeister
  • Anastasia Ioannou
  • Daniel Friedrich
  • Alan Thomson
  • Gioia Falcone




5th Generation District Heating and Cooling, Power Hardware-in-the-Loop, Energy Systems


5th Generation District Heating and Cooling (5GDHC) provides a promising pathway for decarbonising the thermal sector. To quantifying the synergies between heating, cooling, and electricity, complex thermofluid models are required. Modelica offers a potential solution for developing such models but there is a scarcity of accessible and usable models. This paper addresses this gap by presenting a comprehensive set of Modelica models for key elements of 5GDHC systems: prosumers, balancing units, and hydraulic interfaces. The models prioritise usability by facilitating the utilisation of Func-tional Mock-up Interface and Power Hardware-in-the-Loop (PHIL) methodologies. Component design, rele-vant controls and the applicability of PHIL setups are discussed. A theoretical case exemplifies hardware min-imisation, using only heat exchangers to investigate prosumer behaviour. The paper concludes with a discus-sion on the potential use of these models, opportunities for improvement, and the need for further research and experimental investigations in understanding 5GDHC systems.