Modeling Specialized Electric Power Generators, Excitation Systems and Prime Movers used by North American Utilities


  • Shamimul Islam
  • Giuseppe Laera
  • Marcelo de Castro Fernandes
  • Luigi Vanfretti
  • Chetan Mishra
  • Kevin D. Jones



Modelica, OpenIPSL, Dymola, power systems, power grid, PSS/E


The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is expected to mandate model validation of power plant equipment in the near future. This will create a need to validate models for a large fleet of existing and future power plants. Historically, model validation of synchronous generators, excitation system, turbine governor, and other power system equipment has been conducted in diverse platforms. As a contribution to the power system model implementation using Modelica language and validation against commercial tools this work continues to develop power system component models and enriching the Open-Instance Power System Library (OpenIPSL). As a part of the development of OpenIPSL this paper describes the development of models used by North American utilities that follow NERC modeling requirements, including models of a synchronous generator, an excitation system, a turbine and governor using Modelica language in Dymola. The component implementation process is described and the validation of the models implemented in Modelica against PSS/E using both a single machine infinite bus (SMIB) and multi-machine system models is illustrated.