Energy Efficiency Measures for Existing Factory Buildings


  • Xenia Kirschstein
  • Anja Schaffarczyk
  • Miriam Schuster
  • Nadja Bishara



building stock, refurbishment, TABS, industrial buildings, energy system optimization


To contribute to carbon neutrality, energy efficiency measures in existing factories must be evaluated holistically, considering not only production and technical building equipment but also the building itself. In this study, a package is introduced as part of a simulation library which aims to identify integrated energy efficiency measures. The package enables the user to simulate building related efficiency measures independently or combined with machines and technical building equipment. Special focus is placed on the efficiency measure hereafter referred to as enclosure, which designates a thermally activated construction around a number of machines to facilitate the capturing of waste heat emitted to the ambient air. A comparison with measured data shows a good agreement of the return temperature for stationary conditions. Furthermore an application example for the package is given.