Automatic Optimization of Energy Supply Systems in Buildings and City Quarters based on Modelica Models


  • Torsten Schwan
  • David Feige
  • Leonhard Wenzel
  • Charlotte Voelckner
  • Martin Leuschke



System Optimization, HVAC System Models, Python Automation


The evaluation and analysis of complex energy supply systems with Modelica models is more and more an integral part of the building design processes. Dynamic system modeling became there especially important regarding analyses of the use of storage and the integration of volatile renewable resources as well as intelligent control. However, this still requires extensive engineering work and time-consuming modeling efforts, although the basic work steps are largely comparable and based on the same fundamentals. Therefore, the open interfaces to and from Modelica offer extensive possibilities for automation and generalization of these processes. This paper describes such a new integrative and automated optimization framework for energy systems of buildings and districts, which uses Modelica models and FMUs iteratively for the identification of optimal system configurations.