HINTS: Human-Centered Intelligent Realities


  • Veronica Sundstedt
  • Veselka Boeva
  • Hans-Jürgen Zepernick
  • Prashant Goswami
  • Abbas Cheddad
  • Kurt Tutschku
  • Håkan Grahn
  • Emiliano Casalicchio
  • Markus Fiedler
  • Emilia Mendes
  • Shahrooz Abghari
  • Yan Hu
  • Valeria Garro
  • Thi My Chinh Chu
  • Lars Lundberg
  • Patrik Arlos




During the last decade, we have witnessed a rapid development of extended reality (XR) technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Further, there have been tremendous advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). These two trends will have a significant impact on future digital societies. The vision of an immersive, ubiquitous, and intelligent virtual space opens up new opportunities for creating an enhanced digital world in which the users are at the center of the development process, so-called intelligent realities (IRs). The “Human-Centered Intelligent Realities” (HINTS) profile project will develop concepts, principles, methods, algorithms, and tools for human-centered IRs, thus leading the way for future immersive, user-aware, and intelligent interactive digital environments. The HINTS project is centered around an ecosystem combining XR and communication paradigms to form novel intelligent digital systems. HINTS will provide users with new ways to understand, collaborate with, and control digital systems. These novel ways will be based on visual and data-driven platforms which enable tangible, immersive cognitive interactions within real and virtual realities. Thus, exploiting digital systems in a more efficient, effective, engaging, and resource-aware condition. Moreover, the systems will be equipped with cognitive features based on AI and ML, which allow users to engage with digital realities and data in novel forms. This paper describes the HINTS profile project and its initial results.