Urdarbrunnen: Towards an AI-enabled mission system for Combat Search and Rescue operations


  • Ella Olsson
  • Mikael Nilsson
  • Kristoffer Bergman
  • Daniel de Leng
  • Stefan Carlén
  • Emil Karlsson
  • Bo Granbom




The Urdarbrunnen project is a Saab-led exploratory initiative that aims to develop an operator-assisted AI-enabled mission system for basic autonomous functions. In its first iteration, presented in this project paper, the system is designed to be capable of performing the search task of a combat search and rescue mission in a complex and dynamic environment, while providing basic human machine interaction support for remote operators. The system enables a team of agents to cooperatively plan and execute a search mission while also interfacing with the WARA-PS core system that allows human operators and other agents to monitor activities and interact with each other. The aim of the project is to develop the system iteratively, with each iteration incorporating feedback from simulations and real-world experiments. In future work, the capability of the system will be extended to incorporate additional tasks for other scenarios, making it a promising starting point for the integration of autonomous capabilities in a future air force.