Does your EHR support a Learning Healthcare System? An exploration of possible indicators


  • Olga Golburean
  • Ove Lintvedt
  • Espen Sobbakken Nordheim
  • Rune Pedersen
  • Luis Marco-Ruiz
  • Arild Faxvaag



Learning health system, Learning healthcare system, Electronic health record, Evaluation of EHR


Background: The Learning Health System is a concept born from the Institute of Medicine roundtable in 2006 which aims for overcoming the limitations of evidence-based medicine. Since its conception several nations and organizations have actively proposed health policies, research plans, and innovation strategies for its implementation. The effective realization of practices enabling a Learning health system hinge on the availability of Information system functionality and tools. Objective: To describe the EHR functionality that is needed and corresponding indicators for use in evaluation. Methods: Analysis of the content of influential scientific publications on the topic. Results and discussion: The key enabling practices are linked to the life-cycle of biomedical knowledge as well as to knowledge on how to implement evidence-based care.