Sorterius - An augmented reality app for encouraging outdoor physical activity for people with intellectual disabilities


  • Magnus Stellander
  • André Henriksen
  • Henriette Michalsen
  • Audny Anke
  • Daniel Ursin
  • Santiago Martinez
  • Susanna Pelagatti
  • Keiichi Sato
  • Vebjørn Haugland
  • Erlend Johannessen
  • Juan Carlos Torrado
  • Gunnar Hartvigsen



Motivation, mHealth, mobile health, exergames, steps, smartphone


Many with intellectual disabilities (ID) have difficulties adhering to current physical activity guidelines. The goal of this study was to develop a mobile app for assisting people with ID to be more physically active. We implemented a solution that combines the digital and real world using augmented reality (AR). Eight people working with people with ID (special education teachers, social workers, psychologists, and researchers) tested the app and completed a usability test. Results indicate that a mobile app focusing on everyday life scenarios can have a potential value for the targeted user group, but AR solutions can be challenging.