The Literary Irony in theWorks of Juliusz Słowacki


  • Anna Medrzecka



literary irony, romantic irony, corpus analysis


The purpose of this text to present the research project on the presence of various types of irony in the work of Juliusz Słowacki, one of the most important and influential poets of Polish Romanticism. This poet is known for his masterful use of various types of irony, which are unique in Polish literature. The nature and manner of its usage changes with the development of the poet’s work. The first element of said project is to show the development of the use of irony and the artistic means that are used to achieve an ironic effect. I present different types of irony, my main interest being literary irony (Hammon, 1997).

When examining irony, I use not only recognized methods of traditional literary studies, but also methods introduced by digital humanities, with particular use of tools provided by the CLARIN consortium. In my paper I present the process of creating a digital corpus of texts by Juliusz Słowacki and its use in research. The first important step was to use the LEM tool to generate statistics of lemmas and tags within the entire corpus, individual texts and groups of texts. Next, I created a list of stylistic irony markers that can be compiled in such a way that they can be detected using CLARIN tools. In some cases, the tools need to be adjusted, but most often it is possible to set the currently available