DASH Swedish National Doctoral School in Digital Humanities: From Local Expertise to National Research Infrastructure


  • Matti La Mela
  • Daniel Brodén
  • Coppélie Cocq
  • Anna Foka
  • Koraljka Golub
  • Clelia LaMonica
  • Jonathan Westin




digital humanities, doctoral education, research infrastructures, doctoral school, Sweden


This paper presents the Swedish National Doctoral School in Digital Humanities: Data, Culture, and Society – Critical Perspectives (DASH) that is run in 2023–2027 by Uppsala University, Umeå University, Linnaeus University, and Gothenburg University. Though Swedish universities have established PhD courses, MA programmes and training in digital humanities previously, DASH is the first encompassing educational programme in digital humanities at the doctoral level. The present paper discusses the rationale behind the DASH doctoral school, its role in the landscape of Swedish humanities infrastructures, and provides insights from the first PhD courses and seminars. The focus of DASH is to equip PhD candidates in humanities and social sciences with knowledge and skills necessary to pursue high quality, innovative and critical research in digital humanities. DASH aims to provide knowledge in relation to digital research, its methods, tools, and critical perspectives, and to build and strengthen the networks among early career scholars. DASH facilitates access and use of the resources in the national infrastructures in the humanities, but also emerges as an element in the infrastructure by providing new resources and competences.