Designing digitally-driven integrative interdisciplinarity: Professionalism between protocol and judgement


  • Daniel Brodén
  • Mats Fridlund
  • Cecilia Lindhé



Interdisciplinary research, research infrastructure, critical digital humanities


While there is a growing discussion of the importance of developing collaborative workflows for interdisciplinary research within DH, there is a lack of blueprints and consideration of specific expertise. This paper conceptualizes the practice of what we tentatively call digitally-driven integrative interdisciplinary project design in order to highlight a certain professional practice for integrating collaboration between technical expertise and traditional HSS researchers when developing research project applications, digital resources, etc. We begin by highlighting the need for protocol for workflow- oriented approaches to integrative interdisciplinary collaboration, but also an embodied expertise in need of being put into focus in discussions of integrative workflows within digital humanities. Then, we argue that judgement is also a crucial but often overlooked part of the professionalism involved. We conclude by discussing how to further develop the conceptualization of interdisciplinary digital project design and the expertise involved.