From the Arctics to Antarctica - A multimodular visualisation of data


  • Jonathan Westin
  • Tristan Bridge
  • Matteo Tomasini



Research infrastructure, User Interface, Data Model


This paper outlines the structure of Multimodal Map, a tool developed at GRIDH to access and visualise place-based datasets. The Multimodal Map frontend, which is developed with a Vue3 framework that fetches data from a backend built in Django, is arranged as a series of distinct and interconnected views that lets the user interact with the material at different scale and level of abstraction. To support the wide variety of formats the different projects need to handle, Multimodal Map makes use of both custom solutions and several open frameworks and libraries. These include Open Layers for the geographical visualisations, OpenSeadragon for IIIF-images, potree.js for point clouds, 3D Heritage Online Presenter (3DHOP) for meshes, and relight-viewer.js for RTI Photography.