Accessing centuries of documentation - Resources to improve access to Swedish rock art documentation and metadata


  • Ashely Green
  • Tristan Bridge
  • Christian Horn
  • Siska Humlesjö
  • Aram Karimi
  • Johan Ling
  • Jonathan Westin



Research infrastructure, digital resource, archaeology


The archive of rock art documentation maintained by SHFA provides a valuable resource to archaeologists and others who study rock art. The archive includes images of rock art documentation, sites, and the documentation process, from the 17th century to the more recent high resolution 3D recording and visualizations. In the last few years, GRIDH, in collaboration with SHFA, have begun to improve access to the archive through a Django-based solution and new digital resources. In this paper, we introduce the images in the archive, provide details on the new digital resources, and reflect on how the new website will impact data availability and rock art research.