Publish a proceeding

All articles, published in the series Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings, must be peer reviewed by independent reviewers.

LiU E-Press offers two possible ways of handling the publishing:

  1. Only publish the conference electronically, the same day the conference takes place or on a specific date after the conference.
  2. Publish both electronically and as paper copies. (If you choose paper copies LiU E-Press can help you out with the layout and printing work through our co-operation with the printing office LiU-Tryck.)

Instructions How to Publish

  • All articles should be sent to us as pdf files together with the complete proceeding ready for publishing, by the editor for a given conference.
  • All articles should be page numbered and at the page foot the conference name should be stated.
  • The complete conference proceeding must consist of title pages with information about the conference name, place, date, the conference editor(s) and table of contents. If available the organizing, program committee and the sponsors should be in the title pages.
  • Metadata about the articles must be filled in using an Excel file [link to the Excel file] and sent to us together with the articles and the complete proceedings.


In order to avoid a lot of paperwork we prefer not to handle signed copyright agreements. Instead we strongly advise a conference organizer, on a conference’s homepage to inform the conference participants/authors that by sending in their work to the conference editors they agree to publish their work electronically at Linköping University Electronic Press.

If the above solution is not possible, it is possible to send us a signed copyright agreements (we provide the organizer/editor(s) with the form to be sent out to the authors). The agreement must be signed by at least the corresponding author with the agreement of any co-authors. The agreement can be sent to us by ordinary mail or scanned and sent to us via e-mail E-Post

All authors retain the copyright when publishing at Linköping University Electronic Press. 

It is allowed to publish articles for self-archiving on institutional repositories, social media and other sites. It is preferred to share the published version, even it is also allowed to use the pre-print and post-print versions. In that case please refer to the published version's DOI-link.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding publishing a conference, please contact us at E-Post