Towards Continuous Simulation Credibility Assessment


  • Maurizio Ahmann
  • Van Thanh Le
  • Frank Eichenseer
  • Frederik Steimann
  • Martin Benedikt



credibility, credibility assessment, verification, validation, traceability


With the growing demand for virtual-informed decision-making in the development process of many engineering domains, the evidence in simulation results and thus simulation credibility becomes a critical aspect, in particular for releasing safety-relevant systems. However, simulation credibility is often interpreted to be of subjective nature. This paper summarizes basic assumptions for enabling the expression of credibility for building evidence in a more objective way. Based on these considerations, a concept is proposed that allows for an approximation of the credibility of simulations according to a discrete scale. The work is concluded by providing an implementation concept for a continuous simulation credibility assessment using a layered standard on top of the System Structure & Parameterization specification.