Developing Voltage Droop/Compensation Controller for a Hydro Power Controller in Modelica


  • Luxshan Manoranjan
  • Dietmar Winkler



hydropower, Modelica, electrical power system, excitation system, droop controller, compensation controller


With the introduction of unregulated renewable energy such as wind, solar and tidal power, the operation of the electrical grid has become more and more challenging. The more dynamic production pattern requires more advanced control algorithms in order to maintain an acceptable voltage quality which is within the limits given by the electrical network regulators. Better tooling and improved simulation of different operation scenarios is required.

This paper presents the development of voltage droop/compensation controller as used in a typical hydro power controller. The controllers has been implemented using the Modelica language and are according to the Norwegian Energy Regulatory Authority (NERA). Having the controller available in Modelica makes it possible to integrate them with hydro power system models build with the use of OpenHPL. The behaviour of the controller have been tested against a verified generator model of the OpenIPSL.