Offshore CO2 Capture from gas turbine with low investment optimized using Aspen HYSYS


  • Lars Erik Øi
  • Fatemeh Fazli
  • Rajan Thapa



Carbon capture, Aspen HYSYS, Gas turbine, Offshore, Simulation


CO2 capture from gas turbine exhaust gas is a possibility for CO2 emission reduction on oil and gas production platforms. A standard process is based on absorption in monoethanol amine (MEA). A challenge is that the cost of size and weight for the process equipment is higher than on a land-based process. A standard process based on CO2 absorption into (MEA) is simulated in Aspen HYSYSTM. The equipment cost was obtained from Aspen In-plant Cost EstimatorTM. The base case is based on assumptions which are in earlier works assumed to be close to optimum for a land-based process with a heat consumption of 3.5 MJ/kg removed CO2. Different parameters as the number of stages in the absorption column and the minimum temperature approach are varied in the direction expected to be more optimum for an offshore application. It is expected that a lower absorption column and smaller heat exchangers are more optimum offshore even though the heat consumption will increase. Parametric studies were performed at 90 % capture efficiency. Suggested conditions for an offshore application with 87 % capture efficiency are 13 m absorber packing height and 15°C minimum approach temperature due to a decrease in equipment cost, size and weight. This is expected to balance the increase of heat consumption to approximately 5.5 MJ/kg CO2 removed.