Design of Machine Learning method for decision-making support and reliability improvement in the investment casting process


  • Antonia Antoniadou
  • Konstantinos Kyprianidis
  • Ioanna Aslanidou
  • Anestis Kalfas
  • Dimitrios Siafakas



Reliability improvement, Fault detection, Image recognition, Classification, Investment casting defects


The need to improve reliability and support decision-making in manufacturing has drawn attention to the application of diagnostic and decision-support tools. Particularly in the investment casting industry, data-driven methods can be the enabler for process diagnostics and decision support. Images from the microscopic examination in the investment casting process are used as data input, to detect defects in produced pieces. The microscopic examination usually relies solely upon the ability of the operator to determine whether an image from the microscope contains a defect. Therefore, an effective strategy for this decision-making process is crucial to improve the reliability of the examination. The use of the machine learning classifier Random Forest is introduced to derive predictions on the existence of a defect in the input image. This work focuses on employing machine learning tools for image recognition and the developed approach constitutes a decision support model to assist the operator and improve the reliability of their assessment.