Process Simulation, Dimensioning and Automated Cost Optimization of CO2 Capture


  • Lars Erik Øi
  • Shirvan Shirdel
  • Sumudu Karunarathne
  • Solomon Aromada



Carbon capture, Aspen HYSYS, simulation, cost estimation, optimization


A standard process for CO2 capture has been simulated with an equilibrium-based model in Aspen HYSYS. The simulation has been combined with equipment dimensioning and cost calculation in an integrated spreadsheet facility. New in this work is that Murphree efficiencies are varied to obtain automatic optimization of absorber height and inlet temperature. The optimum process was found as the process with minimum calculated sum of capital and operational cost over 25 years. The cost optimum process parameters for the standard process were calculated to 15 m absorber packing height, 13 K minimum approach temperature and 34 °C in inlet gas temperature. This study demonstrates that it is possible to calculate the optimum packing height and inlet temperature automatically by varying the Murphree efficiency in a case study function.