Virtual Co-creation Workshop: Collaboration Design for Place Innovation


  • Thiago Gomes de Lima
  • Sisse Grøn
  • Ole Broberg
  • Francisco de Assis Esteves



Co-creation, Place Innovation, Service Design, Virtual Workshop, Digital Platforms


In this paper, we investigate how virtual co-creation workshops can be conducted. Therefore, sharing experiences with virtual collaborative methodologies is interesting to support researchers, designers, students, and professionals interested in innovation. Thus, the workshop serves as an illustrative case to convey our knowledge of this growing phenomenon, so it is intended to share an experience of design and evaluation of an experiment in virtual co-creation workshops aiming to contribute to the collaboration design for Place Innovation. We found that some challenges must be considered when planning co-creation workshops virtually, especially for Place Innovation, among them: the participants' ability to deal with modern technologies, internet connection, time zones, and languages to be adopted. In this way, we suggested one script to plan co-creation virtual at three stages: pre-workshop, execution, and post-workshop, as well as the tools and techniques that the researchers and designers could use in each phase of this journey. Some recommendations are related.