SMOTIES: Scenario-building for creative future solutions in remote places


  • Annalinda De Rosa
  • Valentina Auricchio
  • Vanessa Monna



Scenario-building, remote places, public spaces, culture and creativity


This paper introduces a scenario-building design methodology used in setting up a four-year Creative Europe Program project co-funded by the European Union. The project addresses an emerging field of action that aims to explore how small and remote places can benefit from the design of cultural and creative innovations within public spaces and in collaboration with local stakeholders. The paper describes how a common ground of scenarios has been designed for the development of project trajectories by defining future visions of action within small and remote places in Europe. This methodology is currently being applied and tested in ten pilot projects for the development of innovative creative solutions that address the specific needs of depopulated and relationally remote places considered to be depositories of material and immaterial culture that risks being undervalued, not consolidated, not handed down, and hence lost.